And the Winner is – Popcorn!

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Photo Credit: mot the barber (Flickr)

Photo Credit: mot the barber (Flickr)

popcornpopper_2250_57989The Oscars are upon us.  Tomorrow night is the big event, and what would an Oscar party be without popcorn!  A movie is not a movie in our house unless there’s a bucket of popcorn sitting on our laps to create a true cinema house experience.  We have the projector, we have the sub-woofer  and to complete the picture, we have a theatre style popcorn machine.  We have become connoisseurs of popcorn, with gourmet popcorn popping butter, toppings, and even novelty popcorn buckets and serving containers.

We don’t settle for the grocery store variety of popcorn.  We go for the best.  But even in LA, where I learned when I moved here that “you can get anything you want,” there is no shop where I can find specialty popcorn supplies.  But as you might expect, there is a website dedicated to such. has just about every type of popcorn, popcorn popper, topping and accessory for popcorn that you can imagine. They also have gift basics for just about every occasion (where popcorn is appropriate, that is) and they package everything neatly and ship very quickly.

If you love popcorn, then you will love this site which will fulfill your popcorn dreams and keep you mixing it up – from purple and vintage red to midnight blue popcorn and medley mixes to keep you surprised.  You can also make your popcorn serving experience extra special with stylish scoops and canisters.  So for Oscar night, or any night, is a winner!

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