Bigger Meaning Behind Neil Patrick Harris’ Oscars Chat With GMA’s Robin Roberts

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I’m shocked watching Robin Roberts and Neil Patrick Harris talk Oscars on Good Morning America. In a good way.

Harris is the host of Sunday’s Oscar show, which will be telecast to millions all over the world. GMA is one of the most-watched shows in America, and the fact that both Harris and Roberts are openly gay never comes up. Isn’t this what many LGBT activists wanted to live to see?

Here is Roberts, talking about Harris’ childhood visit to GMA during “Doogie Howser, MD.,” his Emmy and Tony awards, his “ultimate hosting gig” for the Academy Awards. She calls Harris an actor, author, singer, and host extraordinaire,” a 41-year-old star–a whirlwind tour of his life in 60 seconds, but never mentions that he’s gay. We all know, but it doesn’t matter–right?

Harris and Roberts talk about imagining themselves on the Oscar ceremony, and who hasn’t? When Harris thinks of the Oscars, he remembers Johnny Carson, “being classy and cool.”  Answering Robert’s questions, Harris says that “Cocoon” made him cry, he’d like to see Jamie Foxx play him in movie of his life, because he’s a talented “song and dance man.”

Then they toast–with a healthy (questionable-looking) beet-ginger-carrot concoction. This toast, it seems, could represent something even bigger than an Academy Awards show hosting gig.


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