Immersive Theater Comes to Historic Rita House Feb. 3 & 10

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The “Tri-Star Quantum Soirée,” a MicroTheater event known as a “disruptive theater format,” comes to the historic Rita House for four shows over two Saturdays, on Feb. 3 and Feb. 10, 2024.

Created by Sonia Sebastian (co-founder of Microtheater in Spain), “Soirée” delves into the spookier aspects of storytelling, “distilling a blend of fear, humor, and introspection into a potent, three-part experience,” says Sebastian (pictured below, center).

“[The show] brings to life three unique short and immersive plays, each crafted specifically for the building. From the otherworldly journey of “Elevator to NeverMore” to the ironic captivity of “Locked in the Loft,” and the darkly comedic “Ill of the Dead,” each play serves as a window into the soul of this historic venue.”

Each room is a portal to a different era, where guests can experience the Elevator, the Brick Room, and the Kitchen of Rita House.

“Elevator to NeverMore” is directed by Sebastian and written by Paula Roman. A mysterious encounter in an elevator plunges Ava (Megan Barker) into a twilight zone of self-discovery, where secrets unravel and reality blurs, in 1996 Los Angeles.

“Locked in the Loft,” written and directed by Rachel Imbriglio, follows Rita (Sarah Cortez), who has been “locked in the loft,” miserably laboring as a seamstress for the last decade. The unexpected arrival of a naive Midwestern ingenue (Natasha Ivkovic), prepping for her big screen test with director Alfred Hitchcock, provides a chance to transform her unlucky lot in life.

“Ill Of The Dead,” directed by Kristopher Wile, follows Allan (Chris Mollica) to the memorial service for his difficult coworker. While there, he and his wife Molly (Joanna Kay) have an unexpected disagreement about when it’s appropriate to speak ill of the dead.

Originally built in 1926 as a prop design studio for film and television, the Spanish Colonial Rita House (5971 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles) is an event and filming space named for award-winning costume designer Rita Riggs. Riggs purchased the building in 1967 as a studio for her work with everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Norman Lear. She passed the building to Tash Rahbar and Scott Strumwasser, who operated their architectural practice there for more than 30 years. The two restored and transformed the building into a sanctuary for creative exploration and pursuit in Rita’s honor.

“Rita’s House is more than a historic building, it’s a crucible of creativity,” said Sebastian. “It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation that Rita Riggs herself championed. I am very proud to partner with them for the ‘Tri-Star Quantum Soirée.'”

“Tri-Star Quantum Soirée,” shows at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Feb. 3 and Feb. 10, 2024, at Rita House, 5971 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles. For tickets and more information click here.


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