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WeHo Actress Guinevere Turner Gives Hilarious “Creep” Show with Directing Teaser for IndieGOGO Campaign

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One can see why Guinevere Turner is tempted to shoot her entire film “Creeps” with bunny and beaver puppets in the lead roles. Her fundraising trailer, with actors Nicol Paone (The Big Gay Sketch Show) and Drew Droege (Eating Out: Drama Camp) voicing the puppets, is wickedly hilarious (see link).

“Creeps” is Turner’s feature film directing debut. A successful actor and writer, caught her at home in West Hollywood, where she had just returned after a whirlwind, 10-city tour with the film festival darling “Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?”

“I literally went from Oslo, Norway to Fresno, CA with this film; isn’t that a sexy itinerary?” asks the busy and yes, sexy, Turner, who’s been taking well-deserved bows for her role in the funny, future-classic lesbian film from director Anna Margarita Albelo.

Now she’s focusing on “Creeps,” the story she’s written of two friends, a lesbian and a gay man, which mirrors elements of her own life. Still in the pre-production/fundraising phase, it’s not the kind of film that Hollywood’s Mr. Big Pockets comes to support.

“I feel like independent film is already a challenge, money wise,” says Turner. “And you add LGBT to it, it’s additionally challenged.”

So she has started a crowd-funding campaign to get “Creeps” made, giving the LGBT community an opportunity to get behind “the kind of film they want to see.“

“Hopefully because of my track record, people will actually think, ‘Oh! That’s a person who’s going to make a good movie, a forward thinking movie,” says Turner.

That track record includes the landmark lesbian “Go Fish” (1994), her first film, in which she starred and co-wrote with director Rose Troche.

“I had no idea when we made Go Fish that it would have the impact that it did,” Turner admits.

“With shows like The Fosters–a show about a lesbian couple and their trials and tribulations–it’s easy to forget that there are still people who no matter what age, are new to the idea of being gay. There are people who will continue to be affected by a movie, and that’s why I continue to make LGBT films.”

Because of the LGBT characters inhabiting the world of films, sitcoms, dramas and real-world TV , Turner believes it’s time to give more exposure to real-life LGBT characters, as opposed to trying to sanitize them into non-sexual/socially acceptable ones.

“The new hero is the very, very flawed hero. And my heroes are very flawed,” Turner says of her “Creeps” peeps.

“But,” she adds, “what should emerge if I do it all right, is that the friendship is what’s important. It’s a comment on how … distanced you are from your family. And if you don’t necessarily have traditional family to fall back on community-wise, that your family is your gay family.”

Beautiful, smart and talented, Turner would seem suited to a career in mainstream Hollywood. But the fact that she’s perennially drawn to stories about her own life, keeps her teetering just outside of a mainstream embrace.

“I’ve proven that I can do that,” she says, with a nod to “American Psycho,” which she co-wrote, “but my heart and my love is obviously my community; and making films that speak to my community. “

Among those projects are “The L Word,” for which she worked on camera and behind the scenes as a writer, and had prominent roles in Cheryl Dunye’s “The Owls” and the aforementioned “Vagina Wolf.”

Turner doesn’t intend to cast herself in “Creeps” because she wants to focus on directing.

“Which is not to say that won’t find a way to Hitchcock my way through a scene,” she says. “But I’ve so much to learn, so I’m very focused on being the director in this.”

If her Indiegogo trailer [] is any indication, her directing debut will be funny and clever, with a fabulous-friends sensibility.

WeHo Actress Guinevere Turner Gives Hilarious “Creep” Show with Directing Teaser for IndieGOGO Campaign

“The minute I called cut, everyone burst out laughing,” says Turner, who still hasn’t ruled out the possibility of keeping the puppets in the actual film. Either way, she’s ready for the challenge.

“I thank the powers that be, whatever they be, every day that I’m able to manage to wake up in morning, do what I love and continue to do it,” she says.

Asked if she’s waking up alone these days, she say: “I’m in a relationship with a movie called ‘Creeps.’ We are deeply in love.”

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