Comic Marga Gomez ‘Pound’s’ Her Way to ‘Easy Abby’ Cast

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Just as Marga Gomez opened her one-woman stage show “Pound” in San Francisco following a successful New York premiere, she’s been added to the season two cast of the hit Web series “Easy Abby.”

“It’s very cool, obviously made by somebody who knows lesbians,” says Gomez of the Chicago-based show and its creator, Wendy Jo Carlton. “It’s sexy, funny, and got an edge.”

Sounds like a good fit for a funny, clever storyteller whose written 11 solo shows, appeared on film and television, and has a reputation for impressing the ladies.

Gomez is appearing at the Brava Theater in San Francisco through Nov. 15, then taking the show to Seattle. The comedian who put the “out” in outrageous, got the attention of Carlton, writer-director of the sophisticatedly humorous “Easy Abby,” on social media.

“I’ve been a fan of Marga’s for a long time and thrilled to be able to work with her in season two,” says Carlton. “She is such a quick wit and has this

Marga Gomez in "Pound."    Photo by Ian Douglas

Marga Gomez in “Pound.” Photo by Ian Douglas

dramatic gravitas that I love. She’s part of an electric mix of actors and comedians who will combust in the best ways this season.”

Gomez sees a connection between “Pound” and “Easy Abby,” in the message and “being able to work with queer, lesbian sort of content.”

“‘Pound’ is about how lesbian desire was poorly portrayed in Hollywood films, foreign films in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and how there’s still a big need to see our lives and our sexuality done right, in film and TV.”

In “Easy Abby” she likes that “we’re not a side note. Lesbians are always a side note, our sexuality is not taken seriously when lesbians are really hot.”

Director Carlton (“Hannah Free,” “Jamie & Jessie Are Not Together”) has created a romantic comedy revolving around Abby (Lisa Cordileone), who has an easy time finding women to sleep with, but has a more difficult time with family, money and the anxieties in life.

The show has struck a cord with audiences, netting 30 million views worldwide in 12 languages.

“It’s great to be able to sort of dovetail from my solo work,” says Gomez, ”and it’s not going to be a big part [in ‘Easy Abby’], but

it’ll be nice to connect with women who I think are doing a really fantastic job.”

“Pound,” as Gomez explains, “is about sex. It’s about getting it, not having it, um, from a lesbians’ viewpoint. There are a lot of movies that I cite as inspiration for my sexuality, or as buzz-kill for my sexuality.”

Her show’s title is a nod to one of her favorite films, “Bound.”

After San Francisco and Seattle, Gomez hopes to bring “Pound” to Los Angeles. In the meantime, she’ll find out what her role in “Easy Abby” will entail. Without giving too much away, Carlton revealed to Goweho.com that Gomez will be involved in a group therapy session.

Does she see herself in the role of the therapist or the client?

“I certainly have experience as a client,” says Gomez confidently and comically. “But I could do either one. I live in San Francisco where it’s constant therapy. In California, we came up with the lingo, how does that make you feel? I’m all about feelings.”

Then she has an afterthought.

“It doesn’t sound like I’m going to be making out with anyone, so that’s kinda sad.”

But it is group therapy.

“Oh! Well, then you never know!”

Watch Season One of “Easy Abby” at http://easyabby.com/episodes, or help support the production of Season Two via Paypal at juicyplanet@gmail.com.

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