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Mel B reunites with the Spice Girls!

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Photo Credit: World Of Wonder

Well not really, but Mel B came to Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood for Jeffrey Sanker and Paul Nicholls SCARY FRESH Edition of their weekly hot spot Fresh Classic.

Wilhelmina Caviar as Baby, Cake Moss as Sporty, Melissa BeFierce as Scary, Rhea Litré as Posh and Sonique as Ginger surprised Mel with Spice Girls performance of their Greatest Hits.

Mel B just released her latest single, “For Once In My Life”

Check it Out HERE:

Rhea Litre´ is one of West Hollywoods fiercest personalities and one of the lead vocalists in "Tranzkuntinental" When she's not dancing and singing her way across stages and bars throughout the country, she can be found hosting the most popular nights in West Hollywood. Rhea's blog can be visited at

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