Waiting for the Paris Hilton Sex Tape?

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By now we’ve all read about the steamy underground tape starring sexy socialite Paris Hilton, and her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon. But with the pending threats of lawsuits from the Hilton clan, the video seems to have been put on hold.

But that didn’t stop www.ParisTheTees.com from launching a pair of shrewdly designed Paris-themed T-shirts that even Paris herself would buy.

One T-shirt features the words “Paris” in a script font above a list of her accomplishments so far: “Heiress. Socialite. Model. Celebrity.” They are all crossed-out in pink (Paris’ trademark color) except for the last one, which reads: “Porn Star.”

Another T-shirt brandishes the headline: “PARIS IS A STAR” emblazoned over a pink star with the word “PORN” cleverly centered inside. Thus reading: Paris is a Porn Star.

Paris Hilton has always had a knack for attracting attention, ‘teasing’ the media consistently, which seems to keep the high-society party girl at the center of things. Hence, the company naming their new T-shirt line ‘Paris The Tees'(Tease), cleverly playing up the word for the infamous born self-promoter.

While we all sit and anticipate the fate of the most talked about video since Pam and Tommy, we can at least pick up one of these hot tees for only $16.99 without worrying about being sued. Order them now at www.ParisTheTees.com

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