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Not to leave the guys out but, are you thinking about changing up your hairstyle this coming summer? Many celebrities seem to have a more put together coiffed hairstyle on the red carpet, but what about for just an every day look. Take a look at some of my favorite looks from a wide range of length and texture from our leading Hollywood Men.

(Gerard ButlerGeorge ClooneyAdam Levine, John HammMatt Bomer, Bradley Cooper, and Johnny Depp)

George Clooney's one length all around

George Clooney’s one length all around

If he is not on a red carpet George Clooney always seems to like to not put any product in his hair, and with this cut it ok not too. This one length all around haircut and with his hair texture the best thing to do is to let the grey do its thing.

Adam Levine's modern day Pompadour

Adam Levine’s modern day Pompadour


Adam looks like a modern day greaser, and this modern day pompadour pushes the limits of heights. Its perfect for smaller faces to elongate them a little, and also makes the hair look fuller. For this style you definitely want to keep the hairspray handy.

John Hamm's sleek medium short haircut

John Hamm’s sleek medium short haircut


He is no stranger to suits, but with this medium length sleek style even without the tie he can stay true to class. Its amazing what putting a little grooming cream or pomade can do!

Matt Bomer's longer short haircut

Matt Bomer’s longer short haircut


This haircut says business during the day, but translates into ” but, I have a party later”. I love this style, and perfect to touch up with a little lightweight pomade that can be found in travel sizes to carry in your gym bag or briefcase.

Bradley Cooper's medium long haircut.

Bradley Cooper’s medium long haircut.


Women (and some men) love this style. Its a magnet for getting them to want to run their fingers through it. At least with this style you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up, since the looser it gets the better it looks. Try a styling cream for light but yet flexible hold.

Johnny Depp long messy mane

Johnny Depp long messy mane

Well one thing to say about this style, its for guys that just dont really care about doing anything with their hair but still want to keep it long. The trick is to keep the less layered approach so that the weight of the hair keeps it manageable and not poofy. I recommend using a leave in conditioner as well so it does not frizz up on you. Think surfer-rocker-“artist” kinda hair.

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