SAG Foundation Preserves ‘Conversations’ With Iconic Actors

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For over 20 years, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation has been interviewing iconic actors in one-on-one, in-depth conversations about their careers, lives, and legacies. In order to preserve these legendary oral histories in the “Career Conversations” archives, the SAG Foundation has begun the process of digitizing more than 400 interviews.

In honor of James Garner’s tremendous contributions to film and television, the SAG Foundation has made available an excerpt from his two hour interview from 1997, in which the actor discusses his many career paths, from auto racing to oil rigging to ‘Jim Rockford,’ attributing his fortunate success in life to one thing: “Know yourself and have respect for others.”

The clip can be viewed on the SAG Foundation YouTube channel: youtu.be/3vTWGSwtmnI.

The entire Garner interview, along with hundreds of others such as Jack Lemmon, Ellen Burstyn, Kirk Douglas, Angela Landsbury and Henry Fonda are currently available for viewing at the SAG Foundation Actors Center in Los Angeles upon request by SAG-AFTRA performers. All of these archival treasures will eventually be available in digital format.

In the meantime, the SAG Foundation houses over 150 of its Conversations interviews on its YouTube channel, including such top stars as Matt Damon, Julianna Margulies, Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei, available at youtube.com/sagfoundation.

The SAG Foundation “Career Conversations” archives: preserving the legacies of past and present-day performers.


About the Screen Actors Guild Foundation The Screen Actors Guild Foundation provides vital assistance and educational programming to the professionals of SAG-AFTRA while serving the public at large through its signature children’s literacy programs. Founded in 1985, the SAG Foundation is a national non-profit organization, independent from SAG-AFTRA, and relies solely on support from grants, sponsorships, and individual contributions to maintain our programs and create new ones. For more information visit sagfoundation.org. Follow @SAGFoundation on Twitter and Instagram. Like and subscribe to /SAGFoundation onFacebook and YouTube.

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