Trainer Alana Cole Has Tips for Busy Industry Professionals

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Suze Orman is the typical industry professional who has the desire but no time to maintain a fitness routine. That’s what inspired Alana Cole, Orman’s trainer of eight years, to take her training techniques to the Internet.

“I really wanted to develop a training program that you can access from anywhere, so I don’t necessarily have to be face-to-face [with clients], says Cole, whose screen-ready appearance and passion for healthy living make her a natural in the fitness field.

“People in entertainment, their schedules are so crazy,” says Cole. “They can be here one day and the next day they’re in New York or the next day in Canada.”

TV host Suze Orman

TV host Suze Orman

Orman was “really someone who helped me expand my business,” says Cole. Because of the TV personality’s travel schedule, Cole was able to field test her ideas with Orman. She also developed an interest in pathology.

“I started to design fitness equipment for people with arthritis and osteoporosis, and software that would allow me to train people anywhere. I can be in LA and train a client in-person here, then I can go log on and check in with a client who’s shooting a movie in New York.”

A Florida athlete with a BA degree in journalism, Cole turned her focus to professional training 12 years ago.

“I started the old-fashioned way, in a gym, building up clients face to face,” says Cole. “What I really figured out is that there are only so many hours in a day and only so many clients that I can see, with travel time.

“Through Skype, I can see what they’re doing and walk them through their programs and their food and their workouts. Every day it changes, it really has made me accessible world-wide.”

While a number of Cole’s clients are involved in the entertainment industry, her principles apply to anyone.

“If you’re someone who doesn’t have time to make it to a gym, make your home your gym. You can stop during your day and do pushups; you can do squats in your house. You can make small changes throughout your day that are really going to add up.”

Watch for Alana Cole’s blog on goweho.com, or see more fitness and nutritional tips right now at www.alanacole.com.


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