Outfest 2017 – Reignited

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Just as it appeared the LGBTQ community was assimilating into the mainstream, a renewed climate of intolerance is attempting to shove it back to the fringes. That reignites the importance of Outfest and other such LGBTQ-centric entities, which provide a voice and an outlet for the disenfranchised.


“The Feels” is among a crop of new films in which millennials enjoy a certain amount of freedom to be who they are.

Jenée LaMarque (“The Pretty One”), writer-director-actor of “The Feels,” grew up in Claremont, CA. She wrote “The Feels” as a fictional ensemble comedy, but she said before the Outfest screening that the film does reflect the eclectic mix of friends with which she identifies.

The majority of the cast and crew are female, which might explain how LaMarque and writing partner Lauren Parks, who also has a role in the film, approach such topics as machismo, infidelity, friendship, and female orgasm.

The film takes place over a bachelorette party weekend for Andi (Constance Wu) and Lu (Angela Trimbur). LaMarque plays Nikki, Lu’s sister, who doesn’t want to reveal a secret that might ruin her sister’s weekend.

Another attendee holding a secret is Andi’s best friend Josh (Josh Fadem).
Lu keeps the ultimate secret–until the partying gets underway and the truth comes out.

Parks plays Vivien, apparently the only woman Josh hasn’t slept with, and Second City’s Ever Mainard is “Regular Helen,” who provides comic relief, much of it in her pursuit of Kárin (Kárin Tatoyan).

Outfest runs through July 16. For more see the website.

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