‘Tucked,’ ‘Daddy Issues’ Go Beyond Public Face

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Two Outfest films show the public face of their characters as fun and fabulous, but there’s something darker and more human behind the scenes and in their personal lives.

Montana Manning and Madison Lawlor in "Daddy Issues."

Montana Manning and Madison Lawlor in “Daddy Issues.”

“Daddy Issues”: Saturday, July 14

Maya is a creative, sensitive woman from a financially comfortable home who wants to study art in Italy, but gets no support from her broken family. We see her vulnerabilities, her insecurities, but she’s encouraged by social media friends to seek out her crush, Jasmine.
Jasmine is a darling who captivates all—men and women from different walks of life—she’s sexy, confident, and crazy fun, but her home-life has a much darker side. She’s a struggling designer who relies on her sugar daddy for financial and emotional support. When the two meet sparks fly and their creative talents mesh–until their worlds collide.
The film is slick and energetic, creatively shot with a captivating soundtrack. A resolution of sorts unfolds over the end credits.  

“Daddy Issues” screens at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, July 14, at the DGA 1.

“Tucked”: Saturday, July 21

At first sight they appear so different: Jackie (Derren Nesbitt, “Where Eagles Dare”) is an aging white queen that’s a bit haggard but still commands an audience with unlimited dirty jokes. Faith (Jordan Stephens, Rizzle Kicks) is a young man of color, flamboyant with a flare for fashion, with a decent voice to boot. They connect as they discover their similarities, both are alone, both have been rejected by family for being their true selves, and both thrive when entertaining an audience.
The friendship that develops is reaffirming because it’s built on kindness, loyalty and knowing someone is there for you–no matter what.
And, how can you go wrong with a soundtrack that includes some of the classic drag and club songs of decades past?
“Tucked” is a heartwarming story of two British drag performers, billed as an unlikely friendship, but as the story unfolds, it makes sense that these two would connect.

“Tucked” screens at 7 p.m. next Saturday, July 21, at DGA 1.


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