Interview with Judy Tenuta: Part 2

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Mickel: What can we expect from the Love Goddess in “Full Frontal Tenudity”?

Judy: Isn’t that a fun title? I can’t wait – first of all, I want all my queens, all my Diesel Duchesses, to come out and celebrate because we are going to have such a great time! It’s going to be a total PARTY IN YOUR PANTS! I’m going to have an opening act by the name of “Bridgett of Madison County”. She’s big fun! I’m sure I’ll have a fashion show, oh yes, which is ultra important in the world of Judyism. I’ll give great love advice, and if anyone has love questions they’ll need to give them to me!

Mickel: Judy, what exactly is a ‘Love Goddess’ and how does a ‘Love Goddess’ spend her day?

Judy: (In Love Goddess voice) Ooooooo! Well, I am a Love Goddess, and you’ve heard of Aphrodite?

Mickel: Right! The Greek Goddess!

Judy: She’s a little older than me, but I am the Aphrodite of the Accordian! I even have my own religion – Judyism. In my religion, only I get to whine.

Mickel: What inspires you to greatness… to goddessness?

Judy: (in Love Goddess voice) Oooooo! Ever since I was a little baby petite flower, my six brothers would always kiss my hands and feet! So I knew that I MUST be a goddess! You know, people always want to feed me grapes…

Mickel: Including your brothers?

Judy: NO! Those pigs! They ate ‘em themselves! That’s why I was the only one to stay thin!

Mickel: Do you have plans to create any more shows or CD’s after this one?

Judy: I’m going to be working on some other projects, and hopefully another movie. I’m gonna be in a movie with Brad Pitt-Stop as soon as the b*tch remembers to ask me! Damn him! If he could just stop looking at himself in the mirror long enough to remember! GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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