Interview with Judy Tenuta: Part 1

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The Judy Tenuta Interview

Judy Tenuta is a lot of things to a lot of people. To major media moguls, she is the Grammy-nominated Stand-Up comedian and the first stand-up to win “Best Female Comedian” at the American Comedy Awards. To some, she is the Fashion Plate, ready to be licked. To others, she is simply “The Healer of Hermaphrodites.” Yet throughout her career, and even life, she is best known as “The Love Goddess.” For me, I grew to know Judy Tenuta as “The Seamstress of the Stomach” – for throughout the entirety of this interview she kept my sides in stitches. With her trademark accordion and juxtaposed Goddess-like and trashy personalities, Judy Tenuta continues to make us laugh. When I interviewed her, she was in deep preparation for her upcoming May 16th & 17th stand-up performances at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.


Judy: (in Love Goddess voice) Oooooo! You’re just in time for me to tell you what’s going on on E.T. (Entertainment Tonight)”

Mickel: Really! What’s happening?

Judy: Oh my God, Josh Hartnett is showing himself off! He’s everybody’s pin-up! And Leonardo Di Caprio is back with Giselle Bundchen–or is that Robert DiNiro? I can never tell them apart!

Mickel: What’s your favorite show on television?

Judy: “Animal Planet: Mating of the Hippos.” It doesn’t get better than that, honey, let’s faaaaace it! Oh my God, I hope Ruben doesn’t get expelled from ‘American Idol!’

Mickel: Is that a show you’re addicted to like the rest of the America?

Judy: Oh, no, I just watch the commercials!

Mickel: Well, you’re been on all the major TV talk shows in America. Where would you like to go next on television?

Judy: I think I should have my own show now, don’t you? GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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