Interview with Judy Tenuta: Part 3

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Mickel: June is Gay Pride Month!

Judy: (In Love Goddess voice) And we love Gay Pride Month! Ironically, it’s also STRAIGHT BRIDE’S MONTH, and those b*tches need to get with gay men and LEARN HOW TO DRESS! I’m sick and tired of these straight b*tches and stupid white lace! They need to have a gay man dress ‘em! (solemnly) And it’s perfect time for them to pass a law for same-sex marriages. The Goddess wants that to happen – it’s ridiculous that everybody has to go to VERMONT. HELLO! Like you have time to grow syrup and BLOW MOOSE! Oops! Did I say that? No I didn’t, Elvis said it, Elvis said it!

Mickel: (laughs)

Judy: I can’t believe it! Lisa Marie has an album now… (impersonating), “Huh, waaa wuh wuuuuh… gimme a fu…” If her voice gets any lower, SHE IS BEA ARTHUR! They got to stop, daddy. I’ve heard of smoking, but let’s get PAST IT! Once your voice starts sounding like Robert Blake, you need to take a nap! “Waaa wuuuhh wuuuh wuuuuuh!”

Mickel: Would you ever marry a gay couple at Pride?

Judy: Yes! I would love to perform a gay marriage!

Mickel: I think that couples would line up… why have a priest when you can have a Goddess?

Judy: (in Goddess Voice) That’s riiiiiight!

Mickel: Any festivities or projects planned for Gay Pride Month?

Judy: I am doing a gay pride celebration in Milwaukee on June 6th, and another one in Columbus, Ohio at the end of May!

Mickel: Your CD “Attention Butt-Pirates and Lesbetarians” was performed live at the LA Christopher Street West Gay Pride Festival. Any plans to perform at future LA Pride Festivals?

Judy: I’m not going to be in LA this year, but we are having the LA shows before Pride. I’m very excited, and we also want everybody to come out! GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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