“His Husband!” You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

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Yesterday my mom told me about a new tenant she had at one of the properties she rents.  She said he was a nice man, well-dressed and well-spoken.  She said he seemed very happy with the condo, and she believed he was going to keep the place in good shape.  She them mentioned he would be living there with his husband.


HIS husband?” I thought my Bluetooth speaker had failed me.  ”Yes, his husband,” she replied, nonchalantly.

I have never brought up the subject of gay marriage with my 76-year-old mother, as I assumed she would not be comfortable with it.

This incident made me remember a conversation Mom relayed to me years ago.  She told me a story about her own mother, my grandmother, who like my Mom owned a number of real estate investment properties which she rented.  Grandma asked Mom, “Why do people hate lesbians?”  Perplexed, Mom asked her why she brought up the matter.  Grandma told her, “I rented one of my apartments to a girl who the neighbors say is a lesbian, and they don’t like it.”

Grandma went on, “Seems to me God made lesbians, just like everyone else.”

Indeed, Grandma, born in 1905, was progressive in her views.  Like mother like daughter.  Thanks Mom for teaching me to be more open-minded!

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