Make a Home-Baked Dinner for Two for Valentine’s Day, from Harry & David

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Delivered to Your Door, Heated in Your Oven, to Warm Her Heart


You totally forgot to make a reservation at your Sweetheart’s fave restaurant for Valentine’s Day, and they booked up two weeks ago, and you don’t cook.  You could spend the night in the doghouse, or you could prepare an intimate meal at home that will sweep her off her feet, with Harry & David’s Lobster Dinner for Two.

This exquisite dinner includes two gourmet Maine lobster pies, filled with generous chunks of lobster meat in a rich sherry cream sauce. The top of each pie is adorned with a pastry heart cutout that pops up when cooked.  To complement the entrée is Crab Quatrro Formaggio, served in two real scallop half shells, loaded with Maine crabmeat, cheese sauce made from Mascarpone, Swiss and two kinds of cheddar cheese and topped with lemon herb bread crumbs.

The finale to this decadent meal is Chocolate Sin cake, a flourless cake made of dense layers of chocolate and decorated with three white chocolate hearts swirled on top.

These delicious dishes and dessert arrive at your doorstep in a cooler of dry ice, ready to be transformed into an elegant dinner for you and your Valentine.  The lobster pie and cake are ready to bake and eat after a few hours of thawing, and the shells can bake directly from the freezer.

As the aroma of fresh baking fills your kitchen, your Sweetheart’s anticipation and appreciation will grow.  Set a red-heart-themed table a la Martha Stewart, toss a fresh salad and pair with a bottle of wine, and you have just created a sumptuous romantic dinner that will have your Honey swooning.  After dinner, the cleanup will take just minutes, leaving lots of time for quality time together.

The Lobster Dinner for Two is available for $99.95 at  Standard five-day shipping is $14.95.  Priority, overnight and other express shipping options are also available to get your order to you in time for your special dinner night.


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