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Hollywood Electro-Glam Duo UNDERCURRENT Hypnotizes

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Decadence from the 70’s glam-rock era is back with electronic 80’s sounds mixed in. The band is “Undercurrent”, a duo comprised of a cross-dressing female vocalist and her fab guitar player “Gorgeous” George.

This creative duo writes, records and edits their own compositions themselves. Their new album “We Want Money” contains songs with titles like “Obsession,” “Lies” and “Forbidden”. Undercurrent’s hauntingly androgenous vocalist Rachel and rip-roaring crunchy guitar player George combine glam rock and 80’s euro electronica together in an album that lulls one into an almost meditative trace.

Among the most exotic songs are “Lies” and “All Night and Day,” and neither one of them sounds like the other. “Lies” reminds me of The Velvet Underground in a major breakup with Nico. “All Night and Day” is one of the most fun songs on the album, and has an air of Black Francis from the Pixies (who are supposed to be reuniting soon), but a heavily sedated Black Francis at that.

It appears from the lyrics and the band duo themselves that this group is about things that are not as they seem. Do not let them sing to you as you fall asleep, or your dreams may be quite affected by the shocking lullabye!

Overall a very interesting sound blend, with enough differentiation between songs to give it identity and originality.

Undercurrent will be releasing their second album and music video online, due out Spring 2004.

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