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Counterfeit2: Wait for Depeche Mode’s Next Album

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Counterfeit2 has the eeriness and darkness of a Depeche Mode album with all the electronic sounds, but it lacks the big, powerful songs. It’s a collection of cover songs that don’t carry the burning emotion and passion of Depeche Mode, so they lose interest quickly. Most of tracks are slow giving the album no energy. “In My Time of Dying,” the leading track, sounds tired. “Stardust,” the first single is ok, but the melody isn’t that strong and the song goes nowhere. “Lost in the Stars,” sounds like a show tune and something Michael Jackson might sing. “Das Lied Vorn Einsamen Madchen,” has a respectable beat and is sung in German, but again, there isn’t much of melody. “Oh My Love,” written by John Lennon, doesn’t do the original justice.

If you want a great Martin L. Gore album, a good suggestion would be to collect the best Martin Gore songs of the various Depeche Mode albums and burn a disc.

by Clint Romag

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