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Madonna’s New Album Is Smooth and Groovy

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Madonna has released another fine album, her third in a row since she’s embraced the spiritual and electronica. “American Life” continues where “Music” left off, but this time the fun is gone, replaced with a darker view on life. Disillusioned with fame and wealth, Madonna is searching for meaning to her life by looking inwards. What she finds is regrets, questions and abandonment issues. This is the complete opposite of the Madonna of the past who was high on life singing about love, sex, dancing and parties.

The sound of the album, produced by Mirwais, is smooth and several of the songs have nice grooves. “Hollywood,” “Love Profusion” and “Mother and Father” are some great dance songs. “American Life,” the first track off the album, is a grower after repeated listens, although some of the mixes are better. “X-Static” is a melancholy, acoustic ballad with a catchy melody and nice harmonies.

Will Madonna find her answers? Will she find happiness and joy? Will she have fun again? We’ll have to wait and see until her next album.

By Clint Romag

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