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According to the rule of aging, as you get older, you are supposed to go lighter with your hair. Well I can debate that! Lets take a look at some more mature celebrities in Hollywood such as Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Salma Hayek,and Jennifer Connelly.


Could you even imagine them in any hue of blonde?


These women have stuck to the dark rich brunette look for many years and here is why. The stars share an olive pale or darker skin type and either have light green, blue, or hazel colored eyes. The darker haircolor works for them by adding some depth and focus to their beautiful eyes and also gives them a more refreshed younger look.



Over all these women look sexy and very sultry but also a little mysterious.

Next time you want to give yourself a little refresher, you might want to try and take  your hair a little darker. Here is a little tip when doing so; if you have been blonde for a very long time, take it in steps when darkening to make sure it is the right direction for you. It is also recommended to see a professional to do the job right since they will know how to appropriately darken it and make it look natural versus inky. Let’s not forget that this color is best on pale olive skin or darker olive skin tones. If you love the darker haircolor, then I welcome you to the “Dark Side”.

Erick started his career as head assistant to a top Celebrity Colorist at The John Frieda Salon, with clients which include, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Laura Dern, Diane Keaton and many others and is now growing clientele working as a Hollywood hair colorist at Jonathan and George Salon in Beverly Hills. Erick is the founder of and created this resourceful blog for anyone who LOVES hair.

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