Five Essential Beauty Finds for the On-The-Go Woman

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Like any girl I’m a total beauty addict, but due to a busy schedule I don’t have time to play in front of my mirror.  I need effective, fast, and versatile products that last from the gym to out on the town. Here are my five favorite beauty must-haves for the busy woman on the go!


Lierac Paris Creme Mesolift Right now I’m love this anti-aging cream for my face and eyes. In 30 days it has reduced fine lines and my skin has a more suptle texture and is glowing! I usually put it on after toner and before bed leaving me refreshed by the morning.

Oscar Blandi Volumnizing Dry Shampoo So many of my friends can’t figure out dry shampoo. If you have yet to find a brand you like then I strongly suggest Oscar’s. I love it for 2 reason. 1- It eliminates greasy strands and makes my hair look fresh 2- It gives me volume. It also smells wonderful and it is lifesaver and allows me to skip a day washing.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer I haven’t used foundation in years! If I’m running to the gym or out on the town I used a few dabs of this on a brush and apply to blemish marks and uses under my eyes as a concealer. This product also has SPF 30 to project your face from the sun.

If I’m going out at night I use it with my Lacome powder to even it out. This is the only base you need.

Tip: Use a brush to apply to keep oils and dirt from hands off the face. Especially if you have combination oily skin like myself.

Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant The Dove challenge claims you will have smoother under arm skin and less hair. I’m shocked to say it works very well and my hair is finer and less noticeable. That means I don’t shave or wax as often. This deodorant also has long last protection for those long days.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Sometimes there is a makeup product so revolutionary that you can’t imagine your life before using it. That is how I feel about this makeup palette. It has so man options for nude eye, smokey eye, golden eye, and more! Plus is has a brush and mirror, perfect for on the go. All of my girlfriends own this and we are different ethnicities like United Colors of Benneton ad! Don’t forget a great eye shadow base!

Hope you have enjoyed these beauty products. Let me know what’s in your essential kit or if you have tried these.



Melissa Chataigne is LA-based stylist and host who has brought her affordable and sophistication stylings to television, online, and print media for over 7 years. Melissa has worked with numerous celebrities such Lindsay Lohan, Niecy Nash, Luke Robitaille, Mint Condition, and Mark Salling. Melissa has provided how-to style solutions and trend spotting tips on, Clevver TV,, Splash News TV, as well as her own blog

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