Five Ways to Reinvent Your Look This Spring

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There’s something about Spring that makes everyone crave dramatic change, especially when it comes to physical appearance. But you don’t have to lose 20 pounds or break the bank to reinvent your image—smaller changes can add up to a big impact.

1- Change Your Part

Sometimes your hair can be in a style rut so changing your part seems easy enough. The simple switch can add new volume at the roots and alter the way the front sections frame your face.

I recently switched from a side swoop and love my new center part which has opened my face and frames my body nicely.


2- Frame Your Face

I believe you can go without foundation or lipstick, but get your brows done! Your eyebrows can change your whole look- messy brows draw attention to you other imperfections like blemishes and sloppy makeup, while defined brows makes everything look symmetrical and put together.  I prefer to get my brows threaded. Since mine are very thin I also tint them on my own. No matter what you do be sure to tweeze any strays that are totally out of line. Blush hairs upward along natural line and use a brow pencil to define.

Quick tip: Combine the reminder of dye from tinting combine in an old tub of mascara and brush over brows for fullness.

3- Glam Up Your Accessories

A new Spring wardrobe may not be in your budget, but updating the items that get you noticed will upgrade your look. Start with your handbag and sunglasses. It is a fact any woman can look slummy in yoga pants, but you add a fabulous bag and sunnies, it’s now “brunch appropriate.” This season look for pieces that are patent in a classic square or rectangle shape. You can never go wrong with an over-sized clutch (like my L.A.M.B below). Cat Eye sunglasses bring instant glam to your wardrobe.


4- Wear Red

If you want to show off your toned gams, stand out, or find a lover,  then wear red.  Scientists show that men seem to be more attracted to women clothed in red rather than in a neutral color such as beige or white. Men interpreted the red outfit as a signal that the woman was more open to sexual advances. So flirt a bit and these red denim options I styled for my client.


5- Purge Your Closet & Make Extra Cash

It is not easy to part with wardrobe items that may hold sentimental value. I always say that most people wear 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time. So get rid of that excess, re-style classic items, and start taking your wardrobe tot he next level. You can hire me to purge (see list of services) or check out Wednesday’s Spring Cleaning tips on the blog. After you’ve made your pile take them to a consignment shop (like Chataigne Style Studio) or donate them to charity. You’ll find that the extra space and cash will encourage you to mix-and-match and reinvent yourself!


Melissa Chataigne is LA-based stylist and host who has brought her affordable and sophistication stylings to television, online, and print media for over 7 years. Melissa has worked with numerous celebrities such Lindsay Lohan, Niecy Nash, Luke Robitaille, Mint Condition, and Mark Salling. Melissa has provided how-to style solutions and trend spotting tips on, Clevver TV,, Splash News TV, as well as her own blog

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