26 Years Since Simpson Murder

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Friday, June 12, marks the 26th anniversary of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.  “I Remember Nicole,” a song and music video from West Hollywood filmmakers Renee Sotile and Mary jo Godges continues as a “call to action” against domestic violence.

Tanya, Nicole Brown Simpson's sister.

Renee Sotile filming Tanya, Nicole’s sister.

Tanya Brown, Nicole’s sister, will give an online presentation, “Tanya Brown Presents … The Seven Characters of Abuse,” on Friday, in honor of her sister.

“I’ve never forgotten the faces of the family, especially Denise Brown,” recalls Sotile, who as a news photographer covered the murder trial of O.J. Simpson, Nicole’s former husband. Simpson was eventually acquitted of her murder, and for the murder of Nicole’s friend Ron Goldman.

Tanya Brown, Nicole’s youngest sister, appears in the video, and has shown support for the project from the start. It “really captures Nicole,” she said.

“What you have created touched my mom’s heart, touched Denise’s heart, I’m sure it’s touching Nicole’s heart,” Tanya Brown said to the filmmakers, at a West Hollywood screening of the 4-minute video.

“I Remember Nicole” was written by Sotile and Godges, along with Pat and Pete Luboff, and performed by “American Idol’s” Hollie Cavanagh and Melodye Perry (niece of Darlene Love).

Sotile said that she and Godges, who produced the video under their Traipsing Thru Films banner, “want the world to remember Nicole, and all women who suffered and continue to suffer from domestic abuse.”

It’s release coincided with the growth of the #MeToo movement, and the filmmakers say the song is “a metaphor for a highly-publicized domestic violence victim, raises awareness about the epidemic of domestic violence and the importance of self-care.”

See the music video here:I Remember Nicole: A Global Anthem Reclaiming Power Over Domestic Violence” on YouTube

They hope the song, “empowers victims of domestic violence to remove themselves from the cycle of abuse and inspires them to reach out for help.”

“It is amazing how Nicole touches lives,” said Tanya Brown, “and she’s never forgotten.”

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