The Powder Interview: Part 3

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Powder Backstage and Beyond!

Mickel: You were the only unsigned band ever to be included on “Very Special Christmas.” Are there any signing contracts on the horizon?

Phil: We just signed a deal for Europe and Japan. There are a couple American distributors that are looking at releasing our record in the fall in America. Our next record is like an amalgamation of the old record and some new material — some of the former songs were deleted and some remixed and remastered.

Ninette: The first record we just released locally, but this would be an international release.

Phil: This is really our first record.

Mickel: The first record was about 35 minutes, right?

Phil: I think so. This one’s, like, 41.

Mickel: You’ve worked with a lot of different producers and mixers, such as Stuart Archer from the Matrix Movie on your latest video “Up Here,”, mixer Scott Humphrey from Rob Zombie and Crystal Method, and even Phil Kaffel of No Doubt. Who would you like to work with next?

Ninette: No one else!

Phil: I would like to record and produce the record ourselves, but have someone like Chris Lord-Alge mix it. He makes everything sound so great. But as far as production goes, we have to actually sit down and work with somebody to find out if we can even work with them or not. You almost have to, like, audition a producer because you have to work so closely, and you have to have a personality compatibility, while at the same time realize the music in your head. If the guy or girl is getting in the way instead of taking it to that next level, it’s frustrating.

Ninette: There are a lot of bands out there that don’t maybe know their sound, so they like to work with other producers to help find their sound. But Phil and I really know what we want to sound like, because we’ve been producing other people as well as ourselves. It’s really fine-tuned our ear.

Mickel: Who else have you produced?

Ninette: We’ve just done some people locally, artists, other bands.

Mickel: You’ve received countless awards since 2001, including “Best Rock Artist” and “Best Live Show” from the LA Music Awards. This year, you’re nominated for “Best Rock CD,” “Best Rock Video,” “Best Live Performance,” and “Best Female Vocalist.” You’ve conquered the LA market in comic book fashion. Where is your next conquest?

Phil: The planet, my friend!”

Ninette: Ninette: Dum da da dum!

Mickel: Internationally speaking?

Phil: We’re ready, and the planet’s ready, too.

Mickel: With your tour on the next album, where exactly do you plan on going with that?

Phil: We’ll be hitting Europe for the first time in fall. We’re starting in Germany and hitting every country out there, then working our way to Japan. GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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