Tara Thomas Agency and Marlo Films Currently Casting for the Fascinating Vieques Movie

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Tara Thomas Agency and Marlo Films is at it again! Tara Thomas has teamed up with Angelo
Lopez, Michael Diesel and Tuffy Questrell to make this the movie of 2014. This time with
Vieques whose casting is currently on the move. Vieques is a ground breaking and well scripted
movie with extraordinarily fitting characters and professionally selected scenes that profoundly
raises the movie’s standing and complements its efficacy. The 2014 casting process involves
consummate movie and casting entities with unequivocal track records in the movie business.

Don’t be left out!

Tara Thomas Agency is a multi facet company serving the needs of all industry professionals by
working selflessly to secure the most lucrative deals with some of the most prestigious entities
for the client artists and skilled professionals. The company further markets extensively resulting
in numerous magnificent offers and gigs. Tara Thomas, also known as T2 has a long history of
working with talented individuals and skilled personalities with the aim of securing the full
realization of their potentials. The agency has worked with renowned artists from varied
backgrounds namely, Lil’ Scrappy, Mama Dee, JT Money, Midas, MTV Creepa, Tboz, DMX
just to mention a few. She Cast feature film Blame it on the Hustle and this has a stellar cast! So
T2 casting/Tara Thomas Agency is successful with the Likes of Tony Mercedes and Tara
Thomas. Tara often hints that she has a silent partner who shakes things up and is well

For this movie, Tara Thomas Agency wants to define quality, efficiency and technology. The
production process is set to embrace and introduce the best practices that guarantee the desired
results. The company is investing money, expertise and experience to make Vieques a success;
actually it is the next big thing.

The casting team invites interested individuals with acting backgrounds, great persona and deep
character, to seize this opportunity to feature in this high end film by submitting their

The Movie

Vieques is about a group that made out to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, for leisure and adventure.
They get to meet challenges due to a single beastly act of rape and a subsequent corruption deed
by a police officer who sets the rape culprit free after being bribed. These two immoral acts lead
to a revolt by the Vieques’ natives setting them up against the visiting group. What follows is a
bloody series of events that lead to the killing of several members of the visiting group. The
group finally gets rescued by the US Navy Seals and flown back to the US.

The movie’s main set is in Vieques or Isla DE Vieques, an island of Puerto Rico, and a bit of it in
the US. Vieques, the movie setting, is an island with very powerful Spanish influence as a result
of the Spanish’ 400 years of ownership of the island. Internationally, the island is popularly
known for its vehement remonstration against the US government’s use of the island as navy’s
bomb testing ground, a protest that led to the departure of the navy back in 2003. It has numerous
superb beaches and is also a significant national wildlife sanctuary affording it some of the most
exotic scenery for relaxation, photography and movie production. A pinch of this charred
relationship between the US government and the natives of Vieques is reflected in a few scenes
in the movie.

Tara Thomas Agency therefore insists that Vieques, the movie, needs proficient, multi dynamic
personalities with towering astuteness in acting, particularly on camera. Projected to sell all over
the US and beyond, Vieques is aimed at setting the benchmark for film production from the
scripting, casting, training, shooting and distribution. That has formed the basis of T2’s demand
for men and women of veracity, great talent and professionalism.

All successful candidates will enjoy a rare opportunity to work with such a prestigious company
in the making of a movie that will debut at the most apt time this year. This is a production that
will demystify the myth that top selling works are the reserve of some clique of veterans in the
For more information, visit the Tara Thomas agency at or email
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