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Right Said Fred Releases New Single

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“We Are the Freds” is the new single by Right Said Fred released August 18th in Europe. It’s a catchy, nursery-rhyme, dance song that only they could pull off with a straight face. The new album is scheduled for early September. They are doing a mini tour of Germany.

Will the single or the album be released in the U.S.? Who knows, but probably not. U.S. radio stations haven’t played their music in over a decade. Right Said Fred is composed of two brothers with shaved heads who found worldwide success in the early 90s with the hit single “I’m Too Sexy.” They continued to have success in Europe releasing a number of catchy, dance-oriented songs that were loaded with their unique sense of humor. Some of the song titles include “You’re My Mate,” “Jesus Is a Clubber,” “Lovers.com,” and “Funk You.”

You can hear a clip of the new single on Right Said Fred’s official website.

By Clint Romag

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