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George Michael Revamped

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George Michael has revamped his website hopefully in anticipation of a new album that he has been working on for the last couple years. In some recent interviews he has given hints that the album could be released by the end of this year, but with George you never know. His musical output has declined over the last decade to the point that Michael Jackson releases albums quicker.

George has said the new album will be more upbeat and dance oriented then his last. This is good news for fans who have had to settle with a mellow George in recent years.

George’s website has some new features that will have to keep fans satisfied. Fans now can watch the video for “Freeek!” which was released as a single last year. The video is a big production that is very sexual, sci-fi with a mix of S&M. It’s very George and should be amusing for fans.

The video for “Shoot the Dog,” is also available. This was his last single and the video is a cartoon starring George Bush and Tony Blair. It’s very funny and the song itself has a disco feel.

Most American fans haven’t seen these videos since MTV doesn’t play his videos anymore.

By Clint Romag

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