Rage Nightclub

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Although visiting Rage was my first experience stepping into a gay club, it definitely won’t be the last time I visit this awesome place. The dance floor literally comes to life with its music selection, which ranges from K-pop to a bigger chunk from the top 40 hits of the week. If that doesn’t get you on the floor, the heat emanating from the dance floor from all of the people dancing and sweating is bound to pull you in!

There is no cover charge if you arrive before 9.30pm, which is a pretty amazing deal. Even so, the usual rate for entry is only $12, which is still cheap… for a dance club! The crowd in Rage usually starts picking up at about 11pm. Drop by with pals during peak hours and see the crowd get crazy – there’s so much fun on stage, partly because of the cuties on display. The drinks here do not burn too big a hole in my wallet, which is definitely a plus in my book.

If you like hip hop music, there is a room upstairs dedicated to just that. You would just have to wade through the sea of people to get there.[fpalbums id=148131245204977 limit=6 paging=15]

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