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Madonna’s “American Life” : Oh My

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I finally got to hear Madonna’s new song, “American Life,” and my first impression was one of confused disappointment. What was Madonna trying to do with this song? What did the lyrics mean? Did she think this version would be a hit? I was hoping for a dance song and what I got instead was something very basic, sparsely arranged with not much of a beat. The lyrics are interesting to listen to and the rap bit at the end is funky, but both would’ve benefited greatly from a harder production. Although the chorus is catchy, the song lacks energy and I don’t see it burning up the charts in its current incarnation. Fortunately the song will be remixed into several dance versions and should become find success at the clubs at least. Hopefully one of them will take this potentially great song and bring it to its full potential.

A digital version of the song was released March 24th and will be followed by the regular single on April 9th. The album “American Life” will be released on April 22nd and will include the song “Die Another Day.”

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