Kevin Eats Animal on Fairfax

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Kevin eats at the finest restaurants in the Los Angeles area, many of them under the radar. Not only does he have a palate for fine dining, but an eye for taking great food shots when most pictures of food nowadays just look gross. Kevin says about Animal Restaurant on Fairfax:

“Hell, it’d been a while since my last visit here as well, so, as such, we scrounged up a reservation and gave the place another go (I was especially interested given that I’d just found out that Alex Chang from Paladar was working here). Animal’s menu remains much as it’s always been, inscribed in increasing order of heftiness and featuring a number of old standbys (see poutine, pig ear) in addition to new dishes. It was as fun and fruity as it looked, a blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes loaded with bright berry aromas and even more fruit on the palate, all nicely balance by a touch of crisp minerality.” GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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