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Heart is Now ‘Alive in Seattle’

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It’s about time! Heart has their first and only live concert DVD called
“Alive in Seattle”. Although I love the bootleg concerts that are only
visible if your head is tilted, this is a delicacy for the eyes
and ears. Filmed on the last night of their tour in Seattle this DVD, “Alive
in Seattle” spotlights the Wilson sisters and an equally impressive band at
their finest.

“Alive in Seattle” spotlights the classics “Crazy on You”, “Barracuda” and (in unison please….) “Magic Man”, but also showcases five new songs. Of these
new songs “Break the Rock”, which will be on their upcoming CD, and “Sister
Wild Rose” had the lava lamps on stage shaking with delight and soon may be
classics of their own. The crisp quality of this DVD and editing is
sure to reel you in and is well worth the wait. For the younger generation
thinking this is a new band — it is, but you still have a lot of catching up to

Amber Wilhelm

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