GoWEHO Buzz launches its first mini-blog with “Pink Carpet Swag”

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    Plunket with April Clark (ATL, Stomp the Yard) at the GoWEHO Launch Party

Plunket with April Clark (ATL, Stomp the Yard)
at the GoWEHO Launch Party

GoWEHO is launching its “mini-blog” service with “Pink Carpet Swag,” authored by Plunket Phommachanh, former GoWEHO Publicist. The mini-blog is a free and easy-to-use blogging platform that is hosted by All mini-blogs will be featured in the GoWEHO Buzz content syndication network that is creating its own buzz in the West Hollywood community. Plunket took some time to sit down with GoWEHO on the eve of launching “Pink Carpet Swag.”
GoWEHO: How did you first learn about
Plunket: I first learned about from MickelAngelo Paris, the site’s owner.  I was a Publicist in Hollywood and San Francisco, during that time MickelAngelo had just published his book, The “West Hollywood Story”  and I became his book publicist.  He later introduced me to his project, an online  West Hollywood community site where people were able access the latest fashion, gossip, and celebrity news.
GoWEHO: What type of work did you do for GoWEHO in 2007?
Plunket: I was very fortunate and honored that I was hired as GoWEHO’s Event & Public Relations Director.  I helped organize GoWEHO’s relaunch party at Eleven Supper Club in West Hollywood – a VERY celebrity star-studded evening! Also,I was a red carpet host for GoWEHO interviewing different celebrities.
GoWEHO: What work have you done since leaving GoWEHO in 2007?
Plunket: Gosh, has it been 6 years already? While I was still living in Hollywood, I had a great opportunity to meet funny chick, Shawn Pelofsky of E!’s Chelsea Lately, NBC’s Community, and the Queen of the Gay Atlantis Cruises…we’ll we were fortunate to have had 2 seasons on BTR’s radio show together called “InDaNo” where we interviewed celebs ranging from Shar Jackson to Chelsea Handler.  There were so many celebs we’ve interviewed that I can’t even remember all of them. After deciding not to do another season on the air, I moved back to my lovely city of San Francisco!  I finally opened my own event/wedding planning company – Blue Salud Special Events.  I can say that I’ve taken over the wedding industry! I serve as the Executive Producer for the San Francisco Bay Wedding Shows and also boarded the train with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists as their independent consultant.
GoWEHO: What did you think when you heard that GoWEHO would be returning, but as a content syndicator for bloggers?
Plunket with MickelAngelo Paris, Founder of

Plunket with MickelAngelo Paris, Founder of

Plunket: I always knew the vision that MickelAngelo Paris had in mind when he first started the site back in 1999.  He always wanted it to be community-focused and driven.  This is going to be a real winner for those bloggers that are looking to promote and share their content in the West Hollywood community.

GoWEHO: How did you feel when GoWEHO suggested you to participate as the very first mini-blogger for GoWEHO Buzz?
Plunket: I was totally honored and excited at the same time! I formerly blogged about my experiences in Hollywood back in the day on  Myspace and Xango! Now, I am excited to be the very first mini-blogger for GoWEHO Buzz!
GoWEHO: What do you hope to attain from syndicating your stories and interviews on GoWEHO Buzz!?
Plunket: I miss sharing my point of view! As a blogger it’s great to be among others that come from a different perspective, lifestyle, and platform.
GoWEHO: Describe how the process went setting up your GoWEHO mini-blog “Pink Carpet Swag”?
It was like making chocolate milk! Easy & Simple!
GoWEHO: Tell us what “Pink Carpet Swag” means?
Plunket: MickelAngelo and I were brainstorming names for my mini-blog, and “Pink Carpet Swag” just came to my mind! He loved the name,and we went with it! My plans were to indulge in the world of celebrity life, I compared it to being on a pink carpet and staring inside their swag bags they usually get at different events & awards show.  Hopefully that made any sense, but besides we both loved the name for the blog.
GoWEHO: What do you plan to write about in these next few months on “Pink Carpet Swag”?
Plunket: My first article will be all about celebrities and their skin, and then I will be revisiting all the celebrities that I’ve interviewed 6yrs ago for GoWEHO & InDaNo radio show.  I wanted to do a “What’s going on now with your career” updates and amongst other things I have planned!

Plunket Phommachanh is a former Publicist in the Hollywood scene. His past credentials include co-hosting BTR's popular radio show, "Indano" with comedienne Shawn Pelofsky of E!'s Chelsea Lately and of NBC's Community. He's also the former Red Carpet host & Event /Public Relations director of Plunket currently resides in San Francisco where he currently is San Francisco Bay Wedding Show's Executive Producer & a Rodan + Fields Dermatologists Independent Consultant. He's happy to return back to his roots at as one of their mini-bloggers!

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