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Erasure Is Releasing “Loveboat”

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Due to Erasure’s renewed popularity in the United States, Mute NA is releasing “Loveboat,” the failed album that Maverick Records rejected a couple years back, on June 17th. There’s no word yet whether “Loveboat” will be remixed or have tracks added or removed, but many fans, including myself hope that they do something to improve on the original recording. The album was overproduced by Flood making the songs muddy and losing Andy’s voice in the mix. Maverick Records, Erasure label at the time, wouldn’t release it and wanted them to remix it and record a couple new tracks to make it acceptable for American audiences. According to reports, Erasure recorded at least one new song, but ultimately they were dropped from Maverick and “Loveboat” was never released in the US. Now that Erasure is having great success with “Other People’s Songs,” Maverick will give American fans a chance to hear “Loveboat.” Here is the original tracklisting:

1. Freedom
2. Where In The World
3. Crying In The Rain
4. Perchance To Dream
5. Alien
6. Mad As We Are
7. Here In My Heart
8. Love Is The Rage

9. Catch 22
10. Moon & The Sky
11. Surreal

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