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Bangles Return With Doll Revolution

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Embarking on a new world tour, the Bangles have returned with their first album in 12 years, “Doll Revolution,” which has been released internationally. The album, singles, and the tour are doing well overseas. Unfortunately “Doll Revolution” has not yet been released domestically since they haven’t been signed to a record label. Currently, only the expensive, import version is available in the United States. During the last couple of years the money earned in past performances allowed the Bangles to finance their new album, giving them much more control and artistic freedom.

“Doll Revolution” is a strong comeback album that sounds like the Bangles at their best with the harmonies and melodies that were perfected during the 80s and inspired by the 60s. Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson and Michael Steele have all returned as they take turns with lead vocals throughout the album. Perhaps one reason why they broke up was because Susanna Hoffs was getting much of the attention and the other members took a back seat. Susanna Hoffs sings lead vocals on key songs, but now the other band members have their chance to shine.

“Ride the Ride,” a catchy, up-beat, harmony-filled, pop song is classic Bangles and should be the first obvious single. This song would have tore up the charts 12 years ago, but due to American radio’s reluctance to play older acts its future is uncertain. The two great ballads on the album in the vein of “Eternal Flame” are “I Will Take Care of You” and “Call on Me.” A fun rocker, “Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution),” written by Elvis Costello, has been issued as the second single in Europe. Another favorite is “Single by Choice,” a song of independence with some amusing lyrics that go, “Single by choice, never married, never ever divorced.”

The 17-track album could have been cut down removing a few of the weaker songs to make a tighter collection. The Bangles will play a handful of shows in the U.S. this summer.

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