Eleven Nightclub

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The Eleven Nightclub on Santa Monica Boulevard is one of my favorite hangouts in West Hollywood. The first thing that caught my eye was its architecture. It emanates a beautiful artistic design of the Italian Revival with the essence of heavy stone structures and its windows are designed as circular arches. The second thing that impressed me was the way every day of the week was celebrated with a featured theme. There’s Musical Mondays, Tigerheat “Recess” Tuesdays, Comedy Happy Hour and Acoustics Live on Wednesdays, Fresh Fridays and finally Tigerheat Monster on Saturdays.  Throughout the years, the themed nights have changed, so always consult their website to be sure.

A night at Eleven Nightclub includes a lot of skin on show, what with the abundance of mirrors across the walls and the array of half naked waiters and bartenders that fill up the place. I once came here a bit earlier and tried out their Boystown Burger, which was definitely a classic, laden with a bed of fries, which had no oil stains sogging it.

Happy hours occur every day between the hours of 10-11pm and 1-2am, where you will get two drinks for the price of one. The dance floor on the upper level is spacious, and the mixed cocktail drinks are simply divine. Ideally, I find this the best place for hanging out!

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