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Andre Kelley

Andre Kelley

Standup comic Andre Kelley is bringing his hilarious observations to beginning this week. Originally from Kansas, Andre is now at home with people and places in and around West Hollywood. His contributions to GOWEHO will be taken from his daily writings for social media and his upcoming book. He spoke to GOWEHO about his current projects.

GOWEHO: Are all of your recurring comedy subjects–your boss, the luscious UPS deliver guy, Overheard in LA–based in reality?

Andre: As with any decent joke-writing … the best of it has an element of truth. As the jacket of my upcoming book series says, ‘Overheard In LA is based on a true city.’ 

GOWEHO: What are some of your favorite WeHo haunts?

Andre: The Abbey, Here, Fiesta Cantina and of course, Millions of Milkshakes and Bossa Nova! YUM!

GOWEHO: Where can we see your standup comedy?

Andre: People can add me via Facebook, I accept all requests, or Google my upcoming syndicated TV appearances. Folks can see me on a couple of episodes of Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed, ComedyTV, VH1’s Best WEek Ever and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. As for films, I’m in the award-winning documentaries ‘The Men of Laughing Matters’ and ‘Phunny Business,’ both which still air on LOGO and Showtime.”

GOWEHO: What are your passions?

Andre: Comedy, writing, acting, producing, fitness and music are my true loves. And men, let’s not forget men! I’m very single after all. [Laughs]

GOWEHO: So you’re available?

Andre: Officially, my dating status is thus: Happy single although I’m currently taking applications for seasonal boyfriends.

In honor of Andre’s March birthday, here is his “Top 10 Andre’s So Old” jokes:

 1. Passed the Dead Sea Scrolls as notes in class.

2. Valedictorian of Pangaea High.

3. His baby picture is a cave painting.

4. He and Michelangelo fought over David.

5. Lost his favorite sandals in the La Brea tar pits.   

6. High school mascot was the SABRE tooth tigers.

7. He’s had more hip-replacements than boyfriends.

8. Social security card is in Roman numerals.   

9. Told Lewis & Clark ‘You kids get off my lawn!’

10. He introduced Adam & Steve. 

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