Dragonslayer Is Coming to DVD

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Dragonslayer is finally being released on DVD October 21st. This is good news since Dragonslayer is one of the best fantasy movies this side of Lord of the Rings. It’s suspenseful and doesn’t play down to the audience in a childish way which many fantasy movies are guilty of doing. The battles are epic and the dragon is most importantly scary. It’s not a nice dragon, but one who demands virgin sacrifices to appease or complete annihilation will follow. The special effects still hold up and the story is engaging about a young magician and his quest to destroy the dragon that has been terrorizing the village for years. Dragonslayer is the all time best dragon movie.

Another great dragon movie that didn’t do well at the box office is Reign of Fire. The dragons are mean and the CGI effects are fierce. It would be a great double feature with Dragonslayer.

By Clint Romag

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