Drag Diva Rhea Litré Invited To Dubai, But Forced To Perform Out of Drag

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At an LA Pride performance, Deborah (Debbie) Gibson lost all electricity to the sound system in the middle of a song. She gave the sound engineer a quizzical look, sat down at a piano, and belted out songs until electricity was back, never breaking a sweat.

True artists improvise, especially when its their own music on the line. West Hollywood’s own Rhea Litré was welcomed in the Middle Eastern city Dubai to perform, but not in drag. Dubai, like many Arab countries, has strict laws against homosexuality and gender-bending. But artists know that the show must go on. Rather than disappoint the crowd, Rhea untucked, unwigged and performed out of drag. The fact that she could perform on stage in backstage clothing is a testament to how far this lady will go! Not to mention that her pumping song is pure ear candy! GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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