David Bowie’s Music Becomes Art

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The original artwork from children’s book “Musical Storyland: A sing-along book with Musical Disc” were made available to the public beginning in August 2004. Renderings from this illustrated children’s book based on lyrics and music by David Bowie consist of ten 24″ x 30″ framed, acrylic on canvas paintings. The paintings portray illustrator Jamilla Naji’s interpretation of 1960’s era David Bowie recordings including; “Uncle Arthur,” “Rubber Band,” “There Is A Happy Land,” “Did You Ever Have A Dream,” “Sell Me A Coat,” “Come And Buy My Toys,” “Maid Of Bond Street,” “Love You Till Tuesday,” “When I Live My Dream” and “Ching-A-Ling.” Each of the ten paintings retail for $5,000.00.

“The book is absolutely beautiful. Jamilla Naji’s charming illustrations are in tune with the quirky wit of David Bowie’s often ignored 1960’s songs, which she treats with a love, warmth and sensitivity that are genuinely touching,” says Nicholas Pegg, author of “The Complete David Bowie” .

“Musical Storyland” is most popular among David Bowie fans, parents and libraries. Book and music collectors are also making purchases due to the limited print run of this single edition. Jamilla’s life long admiration for the 1960’s era music compelled her to work full time on this book for almost three years. She is happy to be introducing some of what she considers to be David Bowie’s greatest work to a new, younger audience. David Bowie’s ingenious, captivating lyrics and irresistibly catchy tunes make reading fun.

Illustrator Jamilla Naji states, “Being able to donate proceeds to causes that help children makes my work truly rewarding. There is no greater venture than one that helps improve the lives of others. That was the intent behind this project from the beginning and what inspired me to complete the book even when things became difficult and overwhelming.”

To inquire regarding the purchase of original artwork from “Musical Storyland,” contact: or phone (619) 994-0041. GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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