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Blondie’s New Album is on its Way

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There isn’t a domestic release date yet for Blondie’s new, untitled album, but it will be released internationally in May of 2003. The reason why the album has been delayed for so long is that Blondie’s record label, Beyond Records, went out of business, so until they find a new label, the album will remain unreleased.

To everyone’s surprise and delight, Blondie regrouped after disbanding in the early 80s and released 1999’s “No Exit” followed by the hit single, “Maria,” and a successful reunion tour. I got to see them perform twice and was impressed by how incredible they were live. Debbie Harry came out with dark sunglasses, attitude and her amazing voice, impressing me and keeping the crowd enthralled for two hours. During that time, I was also delighted to hear that Blondie was back for good with plans to release several albums and that this reunion wasn’t a one time event but a beginning of a new era. Usually when a band has a reunion, it’s just for a tour or an album or even just for a song, but Blondie wanted to do more — and they had the talent to do whatever they wanted.

The follow-up album was suppose to be released in the fall of 2001, but then it was delayed to February of 2002 and then to February of 2003, due to the financial troubles of their record label, which was unfortunate for Blondie since they weren’t able to build on the momentum and success of “No Exit” and capitalize on their growing fan base. If all had gone right, they could’ve been releasing their third album by now instead of their second since the reunion. When the album is finally released it will have been at least four years, which is a lifetime in the pop world, but Blondie did it before and can do it again. I just can’t believe that a record label hasn’t snatched them up already. They already have a completed album ready for release and enough material for another one after that (according to Chris Stein on Blondie’s official website). So until someone signs them, we’ll have to buy the imported version.

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