Avenged Sevenfold’s Cities Of Evil Tour 2005 to Begin October 7

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Southern California’s Avenged Sevenfold has won rave reviews with the release of their Warner Bros. Records album “City Of Evil” earlier this summer. “There’s an escalating race to be the new face of metal… and with ‘City Of Evil,’ A7X could very well be the victors,” said Alternative Press, while the band’s hometown paper, the O.C. Register, declared, “…A7X hurtles past contemporaries to re-emerge a seasoned powerhouse… issuing a superior, tuneful metal album that ranks among the genre’s best this decade!”

So, it’s with much fanfare that Avenged Sevenfold announces the Cities Of Evil Tour 2005. Slated to begin October 7 in San Diego, the tour will be a power-packed show designed to showcase “City Of Evil” along with additional Avenged fan favorites. It’s the band’s biggest live production yet, with a sole intent to leave fans breathless.

The success of “City Of Evil,” coupled with the prior release of two critically acclaimed albums, “Sounding The Seventh Trumpet” and “Waking The Fallen,” and over six years of near constant touring, has seen the band’s rabid fan base embrace everything Avenged Sevenfold says, does and creates. Never was that connection more apparent than on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour, where the band made more than an impression with their dynamic stage production relative to the more subdued settings for the other performers. This approach to their live show, coupled with fiery performances along the way, has helped Avenged win over legions of new converts all summer. According to the band, this tour will be no different, with one exception: Cities Of Evil Tour 2005 will be louder, longer and more impressive than anything the band has done before.

Fans aside, Avenged’s recent stint on the Warped tour found them making an impression on the media as well, prompting the Los Angeles Times to declare, “Orange County black-clad Avenged Sevenfold turned in one of the most arresting sets of the day with its dramatic blend of metallic rhythm and hammering punk tempos… Avenged proved to have the goods to be rock’s next superstar gloom-sters.” On the East Coast, the New York Post said, “Best main-stage act: Avenged Sevenfold’s metal show.”

Avenged Sevenfold has found their musical roots, and invested in them heavily with the “City Of Evil” album and the upcoming Cities Of Evil Tour. It’s a dynamic one-two punch in the gut that’s not been seen for some time in the rock world. GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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