4 Pioneering Legislators Star in ‘Political Animals’

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The first four members of the California State Legislature to be publicly “out” in office (above, center), came out to the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) for the world premiere of “Political Animals,” a film documenting their storied struggles and accomplishments while serving in office.

Filmmakers Tracy Wares and Jonah Markowitz.

Filmmakers Tracy Wares, Jonah Markowitz.

“They all happen to be women,” says Director Jonah Markowitz.

“We were a team,” says former California State Sen. Christine Kehoe, answering questions before the sold-out screening, along with fellow state legislators Sheila Kuehl (currently an LA County Supervisor), Carole Migden and Jackie Goldberg. All were proud and grateful for the film that depicts the highly personal journey of their political careers, that culminated with the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

“But,” added Kuehl, the only one of the four remaining in public service, “there’s still more to do.”

Filmmakers Jonah Markowitz (“Shelter”) and Tracy Wares (“Gay Republicans”) were elated at the reception of their 5-year effort to bring the women’s story to the screen.

“Hopefully some young men and women will see these women as examples, and become political animals,” says Markowitz.

The film will screen at Frameline, the San Francisco LGBT film festival, Sunday, June 19. Click for details.

For more information about the film and future screenings, go to http://politicalanimals.pagedemo.co/ or check out the Political Animals Facebook page.

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