2 TRICKS TO PROLONG YOUR BLOWDRY – Hollywood Celebrity Hair

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Do you ever wonder how you can make that beautiful bouncy blow dry last longer without your hair looking too oily or greasy? Here are 2 tricks: The use of dry shampoo can help absorb the oils at the scalp that build up from not washing your hair since dry shampoo consists of a powder ingredient that make it absorbent. Keep it simple! This way you can avoid your hair getting too dirty too soon.

Erick started his career as head assistant to a top Celebrity Colorist at The John Frieda Salon, with clients which include, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Laura Dern, Diane Keaton and many others and is now growing clientele working as a Hollywood hair colorist at Jonathan and George Salon in Beverly Hills. Erick is the founder of and created this resourceful blog for anyone who LOVES hair.

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