VEGAS: Lance Burton

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Lance Burton doesn’t get the attention of other big shows on the strip, but he should. Lance puts on an impressive and entertaining magic show at the Monte Carlo that all ages can enjoy. He doesn’t have the big production of Siegfried & Roy with their robotic dragon, dozens of dancers and white lions, instead he focuses on the magic. He can keep the audience entertained alone on the stage without all the special effects. At the beginning of the show, Lance walks out onto the stage, rolls up his sleeves and starts making doves and pigeons appear out of thin air. He proceeds to make other objects disappear and reappear. It’s an amazing act that Lance mastered long ago.

Lance proceeds to bigger illusions and throughout the show there is a lot of audience interaction and humor. A very funny segment of the show is when Lance reveals to the audience how pulling a rabbit out of hat really works. It’s much more complicated then one would think.

Lance even makes ducks and geese appear. It’s a fun show and tickets are mid-priced compared to other Vegas acts so it’s well worth it to see Lance Burton perform his magic. You’ll have a fun time and many times through the show you’ll sit dumb-founded wondering how in the world did he do that.

By Clint Romag

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