Twisted Sister Reunion Concert on CD / DVD

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Eagle Rock Entertainment and Twisted Sister, the legendary multi-platinum metal band, are teaming up to bring the ultimate combination of DVD and CD technology to metal fans everywhere. On June 28, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release “Twisted Sister’s Live at Wacken The Reunion,” on DVDplus. The revolutionary DVDplus format offers music fans a full-length DVD video program and a full-length audio CD on opposite sides of the same disc.

Unlike the DualDisc format, which is marketed as an enhanced audio CD, DVDplus uses the full capacity of the disc to give consumers a double dose of entertainment. The unique mastering techniques of DVDplus can include up to two hours of video on the DVD side, plus a full-length CD program. Packaged in a jewel box, the disc has magenta printing on one side and a clear coat scratch-resistant finish on the other, making it easier to identify its content than the DualDisc. It is also backwards compatible with all CD and DVD players.

“We’ve been in the DVD business for a long time, and believe that DVDplus truly offers the consumer the best of both worlds: a full-length DVD video program and a full-length CD audio program,” said Mike Carden, Eagle Rock Entertainment Executive Vice President and President of North American Operations. “Given our long relationship with Twisted Sister on our Spitfire label, this is the perfect combination of their talent and our desire to expand into promising new formats.”

Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider and manager Phil Carson became early proponents of DVDplus technology, which was developed by acclaimed record producer and engineer Dieter Dierks. Dierks is best known for his work with Twisted Sister and Scorpions, and is also CEO of DVDplus International, headquartered in Germany.

“I first heard about DVDplus when Dieter Dierks, a German record producer pal of mine, came to New York and showed me this astonishing technology,” says Snider. “I saw a massive potential that is particularly important to record companies. DVDplus is a way for them to give the consumer a package that includes everything they could ever want from their favorite artist.”

The DVD side of “Live at Wacken The Reunion” — mastered in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound audio — features Twisted Sister tearing through a blistering set at the world-renowned Wacken Open Air festival in Germany on August 2, 2003. New, shockingly candid interviews with all five original band members trace the steps from Twisted Sister’s initial 1987 breakup through to the full 2003 reunion. These include everything from a partial 1997 reunion at the Speaks club in Long Island, bassist Mark Mendoza’s reconciliation with the band in 2000, VH1’s 2001 “Behind the Music” episode, a performance at the NY Steel benefit show after September 11, the 2003 USO tour of American military bases in South Korea and much more. Rare archival footage from several of these events is also featured.

The CD side includes previously unreleased live versions of “Bad Boys (of Rock ‘N’ Roll),” “Born to Be Wild,” “I’ll Never Grow Up Now!” “You Know I Cry” and “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll” recorded between 1980 and 1982, and six songs from the Wacken concert, including “What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You),” “The Kids Are Back,” “Stay Hungry,” “Like a Knife in the Back,” “The Fire Still Burns” and the CD-side-only “I Am (I’m Me).” GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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