“The West Hollywood Story” Series to Run Final Episode

By  | is proud to present the online series finale of “The West Hollywood Story,” an illustrated, weekly serial depicting a colorful cast in a humorous melodrama. A blend of literature, technology and visual art, the yearlong series completes its final run on Sunday, August 6th and is accessible to anyone online at

“The West Hollywood Story” follows the journey of Seven Sanchez, a jaded 23-year-old waiter and his sexually confused roommate Aaron Wigger as they try to find love in the “gay ghetto.” Problems occur when their Asian actress roommate Luna Sung makes her move on the Bakersfield hottie, causing jealousy and strife.

“The fusion of media made ‘The West Hollywood Story’ an art of its own,” said author Mickel Angelo Paris. “The 280 illustrations have been such a hit, as they really complemented the feel of the storyline.”

“The West Hollywood Story” has proved to be extremely popular online, with nearly 150,000 hits over the entire story arc. Although the series seems to end online with the falling out and separation of the melodramatic roommates, according to Paris there’s much more to this particular West Hollywood story. “There are 3 more major episode arcs to tell within the lives of Seven, Aaron, Luna and Glinda Monroe. Seven embarks onto a career in politics. Aaron returns to Bakersfield a changed man. And, most importantly, somebody will die, completing the third death foretold by Emma, the Weho Psychic. This is all revealed in the novel, which will be released immediately after the series ends on August 6th.”

Someone dies? Who? How?

Says Paris, “You’ll just have to read the book to find out!”

Information about the new novel “The West Hollywood Story” as well as the author’s biography can be found at, or provides a free forum for local artists to present their work and ideas about writing, music and local events. For publishing or other opportunities, or for more on “The West Hollywood Story,” send inquiries to GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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