“The Unleashing”: Bigfoot/Sasquatch Fans Thrilled by Clint Romag’s Latest Horror Novel

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Overhead, a small charter plane buzzes the treetops of the Canadian wilderness, entering a zone of endless possibilities for the men on their annual hunting trip. Some are weathered marksmen, while others hope to bag a trophy for the first time. What the men do not know, is that a monster lurks below.

Chad Gamin, a rookie hunter, thought that the hunting trip would give him a good chance to spend some quality time with his father. But as Chad, his father, best friend Shane, and another couple enter the deep woods in pursuit of unmarked hunting grounds, they make a startling discovery that will forever change their lives. Their fatal mistake unleashes the rage of a creature thought only to live in legends and campfire stories: Bigfoot.

“I wanted to make Bigfoot scary again,” Clint Romag said. “Lately, Bigfoot has been portrayed as a kind, peaceful creature that tip-toes through the forest eating berries… not anymore. After reading my book, you may not want to go into the forest ever again. My Bigfoot is a monster so beware.”

Jahrome Youngker, who has worked in the Comic Book Industry, painted the cover and created eleven illustrations for the book.

“Jahrome did an amazing job,” Clint Romag said. “His pictures really capture the essence of the book and adds to the horror.”

About the author

Clint Romag has had a passion for creating stories since childhood. Romag grew up in Longview, WA, and graduated from Western Washington University. He currently lives in Los Angeles. Romag has written several novels including “The Werewolf Manuscript” and “A Spreading Madness.” Clint is available for interviews. Pictures and review copies of “The Unleashing” are available upon request. “The Unleashing” is available at, and in at Barnes & Noble for $10.95. For more information please visit GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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