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Shitting Glitter: Band Biography

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Strap one on and saddle up for a five-cent mustache ride. It’s going to be a long, strange trip but Shitting Glitter is here to guide you into their psychedelic new-wave trailer park. Angst meets kitsch in this sonic landscape, as the glam-rock and synth-pop sounds are twisted around lyrics pieced together from a schizophrenic world of pain and partying; disgust and discothèques. This is life, as seen through the eyes of four individuals who aren’t afraid to bend genders and musical rules, crafting a twisted form of pop encompassing melodic malevolence and heady hooks.

Amy Crosby leads the boys with her fearless attitude, frivolously foul sense of fashion, and of course a voice loud enough to be heard above the crowd – and always plenty of words to exploit it. Halfway between Ani and Madonna – while remaining worlds away.

Devin Strecker contributes the disco-dancing drama in the form of synthesizer stylings that are as willful as they are wonky, harkening the sound of early eighties new romantics heard through an AM radio on a farm pickup truck. He also provides back-up vocals to Amy’s intense melodies, as well as synth bass a’la Kate Pierson meets John Taylor.

Brandon Strecker lends his eclectic guitar inspired as much by classic acts such as Bob Dylan and the Beatles as it is Dandy Warhols and Local H. The broad range of styles pushes Shitting Glitter from country rock to ambient glam and back again. He also serves as the band’s producer.

Former Child Star Eddie Robinson muscles up the beat behind the bedlam, with his funky rhythms and sexy syncopations. With drumsticks as a gavel, Eddie lays down the law and uses the skins to let the crowd know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to party.

Shitting Glitter has been playing out in the Los Angeles area for over a year and a half, starting out at small dive bars such as Jox and Rumors and quickly moving up to venues such as the Derby and Hard Rock Café. They have been favorites of the gay community as headliners at events such as The Sugar Daddy Show, LA Valley Gay Pride, UC Irvine’s “Coming Out Day” Festival, and the 9th Annual LA Dyke March.

“Post No Bills” is the debut CD and was released June 21, 2003. The majority of the all-original, eleven-song collection was self-produced. Their live shows incorporate selections from the adventurous album as well as new songs to be included on the follow-up, slated for a winter 2003-4 release.

Audiences are left bewildered and bewitched by this band’s sense of originality and urgency; and leave with the knowledge that you don’t have to change anything about yourself to go where you want to go – especially not your name.

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