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Rick Astley and Clay Aiken Together

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Rick Astley is about to make a comeback. According to Rick’s official website, he is currently in negotiations to write a song for Clay Aiken, this year’s runner-up on American Idol. This is great news for Rick Astley fans, who haven’t heard much about him in over ten years.

Who is Rick Astley you may ask? Rick Astley was the young, clean cut guy who broke onto the music scene in 1987 with hit chart topper, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” which was an upbeat, dance, pop tune. He continued his success with another big single, “Together Forever.” These two songs can still be heard at 80s clubs and radio stations today.

Rick was a big success during the late 80s and returned during the early 90s with an image change. Rick had gone semi-grunge. His short hair cut was gone replaced with long hair. The preppy suits were replaced with jeans and a t-shirt. His music had changed also, from poppy dance to more rock-oriented songs. This didn’t go over well with fans and the album bombed with no big hits.

In 2001, Rick returned with a comeback album, “Keep It Turned On,” which had some success in England. The album returned to his dance roots and is a decent effort. There are no standout tracks like his first big hits, but there are many strong numbers.

In 2003, Rick had even more success writing the song “Shakespeare’s Way With Words,” for the English, boy-band One True Voice, giving them a top ten hit.

If a deal with Clay Aiken is struck and the song is successful, Rick Astley may ready the way for his own comeback in the U.S. Let’s hope he comes over and performs at a couple clubs. Fans would love it. Who would not want to hear him sing live “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and “Together Forever?”

By Clint Romag

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